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Think Outside The Frame — Cinematic experiences in VR

Meetup in der Filmakademie Vienna (Filmstudio — Digital Art Compositing) 

Wie viel VR (Virtual Reality) braucht Reality? 

VR is changing the way we produce films. Remember the times when we used to make 360 videos by manually assembling goPros together? Or when we were still beginning to think of how to tell stories in VR? A lot has changed since then, and a lot has changed in ourselves as well. As film consumers, we can now understand, expect, and demand high-quality VR content. As creators, we can now have easy and affordable access to VR Headsets, cameras, and postproduction tools. And you know what makes all of these facts even more thrilling? That we have only started scratching the surface of the immense potential of VR when it comes to filmmaking. ...

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